Management Committee

The Management Committee consists of the Officers, together with the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Entertainments Officer, the Training Officer, the Publicity Officer, the Press Officer, the Parliamentary Liaison Officer, the Specialist Interest group Co-ordinator, the Legal Aid Representative, the Sole Practitioners Representative and the JLD Representative (currently non-voting). One person may hold more than one post but the posts of President, Vice President and Deputy Vice President must be held by separate people.

The Management Committee organises social and training events; an annual Breton lecture; the Annual Dinner; the AGM; engages with other local professional and business organisations, the regional and national Law Society and the West Midlands Association of Law Societies; responds to member queries and communicates with members by email notifications, newsletter and the website. The Management Committee meets 4/5 times a year.

Current roles and vacancies on the Management Committee are shown below

President:Jonathan Beresford
Deputy Vice-President:Vacant
Secretary:Steve Kirwan
Treasurer:Steve Kirwan
Entertainments Officer:Nicola Quinlan/R Scholes
Training Officer:Karen Rushton/S Chiverton
Publicity Officer:Vacant
Parliamentary Liaison Officer:Catherine Whittles
Specialist Interest Group Co-ordinator:Vacant
Press Officer:Vacant
Legal Aid Representative:Robin Lichfield
Sole Practitioners Representative:Nicola Quinlan
Junior Lawyers Division Representative (non-voting):Vacant (group disbanded)
Immediate Past President:Andrew Martin